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From Alec: May 26, 2009

Hello from Arid-zona

Glad to hear from you, sorry that this email is a day late - the library is not open on Memorial Day - so we had to switch our emails to today. It sounds like things are going pretty well. People are growing older - I realized this when I realized I've been out for 9 months and so I am very close to halfway through my mission. I'm going to be 20 in a few months (that's a little weird too). Anyways...

To answer your questions, Dad, no, we cannot wear cowboy hats, unless you want to fit them under your bike helmet or if you find a helmet that has the cowboy hat brims sticking out of it, I guess that might work... although if I go to a reservation I might be able to get away with some boots and bolo ties. Oh and a question - I thought I heard a while back that the McDonald's were moving; if Bro McD got called to YM then I guess he didn't move?

And one last thing, Dad - getting Mom and Rachel out more? Somewhere away from home comforts? Not likely. :)

Well, things have been alright down here. Sunday was great, of course. Church is always good - we even had a lesson with an investigator who was turned over to us (he lives in our area). He is a great kid, friends with our other investigator, T., and they're both track stars. Miles won the 100 and 200 in the regional meet, I think.

OH - well I guess I could mention that O. got baptized on Saturday - it was great. Though we were scrambling around for a Stake Center to do it in because the Reservation Ward had scheduled out the whole building for all of Saturday. But everything worked out and O. is a great kid. We were very happy to see everything work out.

Other than that, however, this last week was full of disappointments. We had a great first lesson with a lady named S. She seemed awesome, totally answered questions and understood everything very well. Then she wasn't at church. Also we had a lesson with D. and he admitted that he really needed to go to church (like over and over again he said it) and he wasn't there either. Lisa isn't doing well - she is having lots of bad influences and things really bombarding her right now, including guilt from not quitting smoking. Hopefully we can help find her somewhere else to live in our area so she can get back on track.

[ha - We actually just saw D. in the library - he's a cool guy, but needs to go to church...meanwhile, back at the bat cave...]

Also we just met with M. today and he isn't sure if he wants to be baptized - he is getting very confused with all of the opinions and voices in the world. (and even inside of himself). He has felt like he wants to be baptized and he always feels good about the church, but he is doubting if the feelings are from God or from just himself and his wants/desires. He also is struggling with things he isn't sure if things match up (like with the church, even the bible itself really - just everything in general). We tried to keep the Spirit there and to follow it, because he is a great guy and we really wanted to help him. I think it did some, but he still feels the same way. I guess we just have to do everything we can for him to realize and recognize what Heavenly Father is trying to tell him. Because as much as we can talk and bear testimony, I really feel like it will get nowhere until he wants to understand how it works out - and he comes to the Lord in prayer with a humble heart and contrite spirit. Of course, that is the way that we all must to it. I just hope and pray that we can be up to the task of being the missionaries he needs right now. Love you all and I hope you are quenching your spiritual thirst with the scriptures (including the Conference talks). I'll end with a funny quote I saw in someone's house: "Don't run faster than your guardian angel can fly".

Elder Hoopes

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