Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Alec: December 10, 2009

Howdy everyone,

Thanks for the emails, and sorry you got this one late - the library was closed all yesterday because of the blizzard on Monday. It started snowing at like 9 a.m. and started sticking at 12 and didn't slow down until some time during the night. We had some evidences of strong wind in the night too - a tree partially blown over behind our duplex, also an armchair thrown into our driveway (I don't know how that happened... that would be some wind to do that). So now we have 4-6 inches on the ground!!!! It is so great to have all of it - I was hoping it would continue but it didn't. All the roads are clear too, so no problem there.

Well P. got baptized on Saturday! It went very well - the Spirit was definitely present and she was so so ready to do it (though nervous she said). And her confirmation went well as well. She is a neat lady - I sure hope she keeps the fire going that she felt start; if she does she will do so well.

Wednesday we taught some new people too - this couple R. and L.. They aren't married yet, but are planning on getting that fixed - though we will have to commit them to set a date for it. She is investigating, he was excommunicated in '93. He seems to be a good guy (he believes it all - the testimony is all there), just need to have him be converted and work his way back finally.

We also taught a girl named A., she is a RM's old girlfriend that lives here. She seems very set on joining the church - A. (the RM) said she mentioned she wanted to be baptized/join the church. She said that in the lesson after I asked her a question - so we set a date for her to be baptized to the 26th. What a good Christmas present! She is a great person, really seems to want to do whats right. She has family that has sworn they would disown her if she 'became Mormon' but she has decided to follow the yearnings of her heart she has had for the restored gospel since childhood (as she basically put it). What a white Christmas and December this will be!

On Thursday we showed "Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration" movie at the church building (that's the one you can watch at the visitors' centers). It went very well - we had about half non-members in attendance (there was just over 20 people there to watch it). A lady we haven't even taught [she came to church one week as a I-go-to-your-church-if-you-come-to-mine deal] was there and Elder Moore said she was teary eyed. But it was great, there is so much we can learn and be inspired from from the Prophet's life and ministry. You can feel it when you watch that movie.

Friday we had a quick Zone conference, as in President and Sister Bassett giving talks, and then we attended the temple with them. That was good.

On Sunday we taught these two girls: Sh. and M.. Sh. is the granddaughter of this very gung-ho missionary work sister, Sister D., and had recent experiences that has softened her somewhat. She decided to take the missionary lessons (she's baptized, but never active) and invited her friend, M., to take them too. They are both very nice people - and during parts of the lesson the Spirit was most definitely there. They felt it too - the only thing was that when I was going to testify of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith and then probably point out the Spirit being here, Sister D. started talking - she barged in a lot during the whole lesson. The Spirit was there though - we did our most important duty.

This work is real - I have felt so much guidance from our Father in Heaven while I have been on my mission. I have received so much revelation that I will have 4 journals, a study journal, and 17 planners with it in them. Never doubt the ability of our Father in Heaven to speak to us directly. I haven't heard a voice, but I have received revelatory messages to me about either me or the people we are teaching that I knew exactly what was supposed to change. Love you all!

Elder Hoopes

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