Friday, December 18, 2009

From Alec: December 15, 2009

Hello everyone

Thank you for the letters/cards/packages/emails. This year's Christmas will definitely be a memorable one.

Rachel sounds very busy - when will she have time to read books? that's what I am wondering - that is crazy she did the economic summit already, I remember that in senior year. That doesn't seem that long ago, and yet Rachel just did it. Time goes by quickly, and I almost just quoted Ferris Bueller...

Well, we did not get any new investigators last week - still working with the ones we were before. We taught L. and R. again on Wednesday. It was a good lesson - partly because of a heart-to-heart talk they had. L. was trying to keep the commitments we left with them but R. was holding back still a little. So they had a talk (slightly awkward for us to be there when they did) but whatever happened we know that L. is very interested in the message - and also R's hangup (fear of slipping/messing up again). And when we went by on Sunday they had kept their commitments, so we'll see what happens!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night were our three ward's Christmas parties, so that was our dinner appointment each night. A. came of course to 3rd wards, but also A. and H., a friend of his. They both liked the party, H. has a baby and I think he especially liked the little Primary kids doing the entertainment. B. came to 2nd ward's party and liked it. It was interesting though, he's like a 50 year old guy (single) and most of the young women in the ward came and sat at his table. So it was us, him, and the Laurels. Slightly interesting/awkward but it actually turned out fine - the girls were outgoing enough Brock felt welcomed (maybe because one of them is our ward mission leader's daughter so she would've got whipped if she didn't, hehe) Of course the rest of the ward welcomed him too. At that party too I got a call from Ty (a recent convert from my last area) he's doing good back at home for Christmas. He also went to 3 of the recent conference sessions! Saturday was 1st ward's party. Only J. and family and a less-active we teach every week came.

Last night we had a district activity/slumber party at the Tenney ranch. Had a good breakfast in the morning so that was good. Yesterday we had ZDM so that was good to talk with President Bassett.

It has been interesting these past few weeks - I have really received quite a bit of revelation through the scriptures recently. The neat thing is that the communication was effectively conveyed - I knew exactly the message that our Father in Heaven wanted me to receive. I think sometimes we can doubt that line of communication and it's effectiveness. But as President B.K. Packer taught us in October: "Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil." We can, if we have the faith in Christ necessary, the sincerity of heart, integrity of purpose or real intent, receive direction and guidance as easily as if we were conversing with our Father face to face. What a wonderful truth that is! We have a line that is free, always open wherever/whenever you are, straight to an omniscient and loving Father. What more could you ask for in a relationship short of personal presence 24/7? Love you all and hope you will take advantage of that ability.

Elder Hoopes

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