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From Alec: November 4, 2009

Hi from Heber

Hello everyone,

(Hopefully this works, I'm writing the email after the displayed previous emails that I'm replying to)

Thanks for the package, Mom. I love those newsletters from Sister Burningham. I think I read the whole thing in two days I liked it so much, and yes, those were the right shoes, thank you!

Sounds like everyone is doing just great. This last week since I last emailed has been a relatively uneventful week. Both D. and the Hoopes were out of town so we didn't get any investigators to church - though we did get less-actives and recent converts there. It is still slightly frustrating because we haven't been able to set a date this transfer nor get an investigator to church. So in many ways that can feel like we are making no progress but I do feel that we have been, and if the Lord wills it we can even improve in those areas as well.

Coach S. also "canceled" his lesson with us, by "canceled" I mean "was sleeping so deeply after getting home from school that he didn't wake up when we came by". But when we talked with him later HE actually set up the next lesson and said that he wanted to meet with us again. So hopefully he has some questions and felt something as he kept the commitments (we didn't have time to follow up yet when we talked with him). Unfortunately he had to set the next lesson to next week because this week he will be busy because basketball is starting. But we can't blame him for that.

Saturday we helped the Jones cut some more wood, and had some lunch with the zone leaders and went to the thrift shop here in Heber with them - it was sweet because Elder Pebley tried on a suit and suggested it might fit me. So I tried it on and it fits almost perfectly. It is this sweet (barely worn) Sears suit (light grey with white stripes) I think from the 70's. Man is it awesome! I'm wearing it right now actually. Halloween night was relatively uneventful - we were going to go to the trunk-or-treats (maybe even put on sunglasses and act like CIA agents) but that didn't pan out, so we mostly just made visits - some to our WML's and a less-active.

Yesterday we went to the Temple in Snowflake - man that was great. The Temple is most definitely a place where one can feel the Spirit and the peace that is needed in our lives. Things are so simple in the Temple. Keep the commandments of God given through his prophets and you can be lead to the celestial kingdom. The reason we're emailing on Wednesday is because we were stuck in Snowflake with truck problems until about 5:30.

This week for me has been a tester for me, and I feel like almost all of it (some still was) was not necessarily my own fault, it just happened. But through that I still was helped a few different times by the Lord. That help came from a few different sources; a member's FHE lesson to her children, my Patriarchal blessing, and the Temple.

There is absolutely no possible way that I would be out here on a mission without the total watchful care and loving grace from the Savior, and there is just the same impossibility of me staying out on a mission without those same two things. As much as I knew it was true before and had dedicated myself to serve two whole years, I don't believe that would have been enough to get me through half of my mission. I testify to that truth and with the same conviction I testify that we won't be able "endure to the end" without the constant care of Jesus Christ and his atonement. Some of the saints who crossed the plains said that they wouldn't have survived that hardship without the blessings of the temple that they received in Nauvoo before they left. I feel much the same way with my life and my mission. Love you all very much,

Elder Hoopes

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