Friday, December 4, 2009

From Alec: November 23, 2009

I'm...dreaming...of a white...Christmas!!!

Hello everyone,

You might guess from my subject title that I didn't get transferred. Both Elder Moore and I are staying in Heber at least until a few days after Christmas (we learn transfer news the day after) so we are both very excited. Hopefully it snows and we have many people dressed in white to make it a white Christmas!

Thanks for the contacts package, Mom - you are the best, oh and thanks, Dad for finishing the family line. I'm not sure which site you were referring to about the family tree, but either way it is neat to learn all of that. I think I will have to sit you two down after my mission and go over your histories and then our family histories.

Well, the work is progressing up here (or down here depending on where you live...) We had P. come to church again (in Young) for the second week in a row since we taught her and also this guy named B. came too and it was a very powerful experience for him (I felt - after the last speaker both him and me didn't want to move or say anything because of the Spirit that was present from the speaker's words). It was actually John Taylor who of the high counselors in the stake. He did say something funny and so we're going to tell president Bassett this: "John Taylor said that a home teacher is more important than a mission president". (He he I understand his message but it is just funny.)

We also were able to teach the Hoopes last night, but at least two (maybe 3) times when we were about to give a firm baptismal commitment we got interrupted, very frustrating. When we finally did get it out she said "no" for now, but they did both commit themselves to come to church which is exactly what they need.

We were able to teach D. on Monday (and by the way I was feeling better from my stomach flu by Wednesday/Thursday), but we think he lost his phone because we haven't been able to get a hold of him (he told us he misplaced it on Friday and that's the last we've heard) so that is frustrating. Satan's favorite tool against generally righteous or good people is procrastination or time to forget.

I hope you got and enjoyed my letter - I had no time to email anymore, but I enjoyed writing it.

One thing I'd like to talk about before I send this off is the steps to repentance. We teach them every time we teach the 3rd lesson and they are great and awesome - they have helped me immensely in the past. But I realized last week that I had not really been using them and was just going about my days without doing much to change my weaknesses and sins. So I decided to use those steps of repentance in my every day little things and they helped so much! When you really consciously repent you can see very instant results (if you're not dealing with addictions or well worn habits) and an outpouring of the Spirit as you strive to change yourself. Elder Eyring's talk at conference about striving to be better - to be like Jesus really struck me. We're here on earth (and still here now) to become better than we are, through the atonement. And as he said - it is not a wish but a commandment, and therefore the lord will help us accomplish it.

I love you all and this glorious restored gospel,

Elder A. Hoopes

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