Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Alec: December 22, 2009

Ho ho ho!
It is a wonderful time to labor with all your might in the Lord's Vineyard.

Thanks for the emails and letters and packages - I've received them from most everybody I think (still waiting for the one from Eagle). We appreciate the love. I send a package home and to Logan for Nicole and Jon, hopefully you get it before Christmas. Dusting of snow? We were getting some falling down as we were walking in to do emails - but it's too warm right now to stick so we'll have to see.

Regardless, we will have a white Christmas. A. is all set (had her interview Saturday) for her baptism Saturday night, the day after Christmas. It is neat to see her make such good choices in her life, even against opposition. I will have the responsibility of speaking on the Holy Ghost at her baptism, and we trust all will go well.

Last week was an interesting week. Something not cool happened, we got out late Tuesday night out of a lesson and got into the truck to pull forward and go home, and the back of our truck grazed their 78 Malibu. It was so dark we didn't even see it when we went to leave. Luckily, it is a 78 and all we did to it was buff up the chrome bumper. (They were really nice about it too - joking about it as well). It did scratch our hupcap and bend some of the metal under our back passenger door. So not very cool at all - especially considering all mission rules were being kept. Still annoying... but that was one of the only no-fun things this week.

Thursday we helped do and deliver some Christmas boxes (our district leader came on exchanges with us that day too). I forwarded you the pictures.
We also had some fun tracting. Elder Moa and this guy were talking for like an hour... not quite bible bashing but more like doctrine preaching.
You have to love those interesting people you meet.

Saturday was a great day - A. had her interview, and we went to teach R. and L.. It went very well; we taught about fasting and the beginning of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ (faith then repentance). We are going to fast for her on Sunday so that she will get her answer from God about the truth of our message. She is slightly frustrated she has not gotten it yet - but it might be because prayers are still a little awkward for her and she is not quite sure about God listening/answering prayers. (hence we taught fasting and faith) She really is trying, she asked how she could get faith [that is essentially what she lacks we feel] and we mentioned Alma 32 and talked about the blessings they've been receiving since we've been meeting with them and they've been coming to church. During different parts in the lesson they both were brought to tears, the Spirit was there. So she would be somebody who needs prayers on her behalf.

Mom will be proud of me - last minute I sang in the Heber 1st ward choir for their Christmas program. I noticed there were only 3 men and a normal (14 or so) amount of women, so I told the choir director's husband I would be willing and possibly able. It was fun trying to follow along/sight read "Prince of Peace" and "No Room, No Room". (I don't think I've sung either before).

Yesterday was a great day - we taught A. and talked to/taught this lady named K.. A. is still not getting that there is one true church and that we need to pray to find out which. We'll probably watch a conference talk about it that cannot be misunderstood. K. is a nice young lady who has two little kids. She has been befriended by some of the great sisters in the wards and she really needs the message we share. She has been put off by religion recently and said she wanted to work some things out herself about God. But she said after the new year we could come and teach.

Oh and we got roped into doing a 12 days of Christmas type thing, mom. We had to drop off 3 boxes of food at this family's back porch. We did not hum the "Mission Impossible" theme (Did I do that when we did it back home?) but we did it well anyways.

One last item of business (hehe, I sound like a second counselor in the bishopric or something), we will be calling at 10:00 am AZ time (which is the same right now I think as mtn western time) from T. verizon cell phone. I'll call Mom's, T. said that it is free if it is two verizon phones.

Phew - you guys don't have anything to complain about your missionary not writing enough - my last emails have been genuine epistles. Hopefully I have not bored anybody.

But I wish you all who read this a very Merry Christmas and hope you will ponder (Luke 2:19) upon the meaning of Christmas in each of our lives. The more we remember our Savior the more we will have the Spirit in our lives and receive remission of sins. Love you,

Elder Hoopes

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