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From Alec: November 25, 2009

I saw a real live turkey the other day

Hello from Heber/Overgaard, AZ,

I trust everyone is doing well - I know Mom is at least. That was such a neat missionary story mom, you would make a great full-time missionary. Isn't it amazing how the Lord uses us as an instrument sometimes when we don't expect it? That reminds me of one of our Alma Academy scriptures, Alma 26:3, how the sons of Mosiah had been made "instruments in the hands of God" to bring about his great work.

Well we have been doing very well up here. This last week were able to get 3 investigators to sacrament meeting. One is P.a - a very neat lady down in Young. She forgot about our appointment this last Friday and called to apologize. She called us again on Saturday and apologized and also told us of an experience she had this past week. At that time she was having trouble with something in her life and had already been praying and reading the Book of Mormon and asking if it was true. After some prayer she decided to open the Book of Mormon and she said right there as plain as could be stated was the answer to her problem. "I knew it was an answer from God" she said "and he answered both of my questions." So she knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God and we went down to Young (impromptu) to teach her on Monday and we set her baptismal date for the 5th of December. She is so awesome, at the moment she is really on fire. Unfortunately, as she is in Young (1hr drive) we are unable to stop by her except for scheduled events, but she will be watched over according to our prayers and faith, and we have some amazing members in the branch down there.

The Hoopes family was in church too, but stayed only for sacrament meeting. The ward most definitely welcomed them in (they might have even felt a little overwhelmed as lots of people wanted to talk to them - it is a big ward). We'll be teaching them tonight about priesthood authority, hoping to address Heather's concern about baptism and also to commit J. to work with bishop to worthily use his priesthood (and become a priest for now).

B. was the other investigator at church, and it sure was another good sacrament meeting for him. The Spirit was there and the speakers spoke for him (if you know what I mean). We just hope that he can catch the vision that this is not just any church you attend to "congregate" and be religious, This is Christ's church. He's only been to the Baptist church and

(This is where Alec's letter ends, so he must have run out of time:(\

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