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From Alec: April 27, 2010

Hello everyone,

It is springtime in the Phoenix Valley so it is a good time to live here. It's pretty much like the Boise summers right now. We just went to the temple this morning - I was feeling it had been definitely long enough, not having been in a while.

We had zone development meeting on Wednesday - that was a good meeting. Also we had interviews with President - it was good to speak to him again, he definitely is a great and faithful man. I've been lucky to have most of my mission spent under his reign and ministry (hehe,1 Nephi heading).

Nothing too special happened during the week - Friday night we did splits with a couple priests in a ward. The one (well really both) that went with me got a real taste of being a missionary. We spent time going to a no-show appointment and then street contacting people. It was good - we saw some miracles, though I might have messed up in my dealing with one of them - but I did what I thought was best.

Saturday was a good day - had a few canceled lessons, but we did meet with this one convert and he shared a NDE that he had many years ago. As we talked about it I felt the comforting and confirming Spirit of the Lord testify to me of life after this. It is so wonderful that we all can have perfect faith and knowledge about things to come.

Nothing else truly different happened that I can remember, just reinforced principles that I had been taught already. Although that reminds me; I believe many times, especially as lifetime members, we can have the attitude "Oh, we've already heard this" or "I've learned this principle already". That attitude can keep us from being open to receive revelation - which can even sometimes have nothing to do with the subject that is being taught. There are two things that I think we need to remember and observe in order to counteract this ill of getting too comfortable (aka coasting): remember that we may know the principle, but do we really live it completely. We know what we should do but then do we in turn do it? if not, then we need to listen. If we still need to learn we still need to listen, and you never know when you might learn a very precious piece of your eternal puzzle (I made listen bold because I don't mean just hear with your ears, but also with your heart. (I wonder if that is what “hearken” means, to hear with your heart?).

Another thing you can do to counteract this is to do missionary work - because the ill I was describing above can be described as being content with what you have/have done/know, being comfortable. For almost everyone, most of missionary work is outside of their comfort zone - and for everyone, it brings the revitalizing Spirit of God.

Really, now that I think about it - the Spirit really is the answer to that ill, but those two things (also add remembering the Savior) are the best things you can do to bring the Spirit. (of course temple work too, but that is the same thing as missionary work - just for dead people). There are others, but these relate directly to the salvation of souls - yours, and everyone's, and that is God's purpose and innermost desire (Moses 1:39) so you'll feel His love as you assist Him in His work.

Hopefully that all made sense - I know parts of it did...

Mom, thanks for the wonderful email! and you/dad for the line of authority. It will be neat for you to come with me to Arizona sometime to meet my brothers and sisters I was sent to find

Love you all,

Elder A. Hoopes

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