Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Alec: May 4, 2010

Hello everyone,

Hope everything is going well - thank you for the emails, and also the package, Mom.

I am pretty tired again - we tried to hike Scarface Mtn today - which is the one just behind our trailer. You can see it in the background of the pictures I sent home - the vulture ones. The score is 3 to 1 because I've hiked Superstition twice, and now this time we did get to a part of the mountain - a sort of peak. You could still see pretty dang far around, but we decided to not go all the way up - so I gave the mountain a point too.

That is so crazy that Matt is getting home today. I imagine he (as we all will) will be a very different person that when he left. That will probably be the neatest thing - is to see how much we all have changed.

This last week was an alright one. The last week of the transfer you’re always on edge because you don't know what will become of either of you for the next while. This time Elder Hadley and I felt we could both easily leave - my guess was staying, his guess was that I left. It turned out we are both staying, which we're both perfectly alright with. There are some good things going on - we got two new investigators last week. One is a guy named Bob - and that's even in the ward that has never had anything in it while Elder Hadley has been here. I didn't teach Bob, we were on splits and Elder Hadley got to ride in the fellowshippers’ white '09 Camaro to and from the lesson.

We also taught C. on Wednesday morning again. She actually asked us a question to start. She basically asked what the difference was between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, besides the names of the books in them. My first thought was "and how long have you been meeting with missionaries...?" (I think over 6 months easy, fall of '09, I think) but we taught her briefly what the Bible is (because truly almost everyone we talk to really doesn't know the background to the Bible) and then the Book of Mormon. It was a great lesson - the Spirit was there testifying very powerfully, then we were able to give her the BOM on CD so she can listen to it (she says she can't read for long at all). We're hoping that will make a big difference in her very slow progression.

Saturday we helped with the groundbreaking ceremony at a new church building in our area. Pretty neat because they spraypainted everyone's shovels gold. We got one of the cans and had some fun making things gold. I have two gold pens - a golden soccerball, my last journal is gold and part of my planner for this transfer.

Yesterday was neat - we taught this guy named D. and the lesson was very different, but we did feel like we were teaching a person more than a 'lesson', which is the whole goal of PMG. He's a cool guy - and even invited us to his BBQ on Saturday! Hehe I love being a missionary.

Well, yesterday I hit my 20 month mark. That makes me feel so old - mission time goes by pretty fast, if you don't stop and ponder once and a while - you could miss it.

I can't wait for the Conference Ensign to come out...Love you all and I'll talk with you soon! We're thinking that we will call at 6:00 pm our time, 7:00 pm Idaho time. I know Elder Hadley is planning to do it then, and if we can I'll do it at the same time, but if not probably the next hour. So hopefully that will work. (I'm talking about Mother's Day, of course) I look forward to hearing your voices again. Oh by the way, President Bassett says to limit our calls to 5 minutes.

Just kidding - 1 hour still.

love you,

Elder Hoopes

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