Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Alec: June 11, 2010


Glad to hear the exciting new things going on, glad it's all going well up there.

Things are going alright down here in hot Arizona. We had a pretty good last Wednesday - a couple lessons that went well, but it is frustrating because both of them (C. & L.) just won't commit to anything but reading material. We teach and testify and do everything we can to bring the Spirit, but for different reasons each (doesn't like to commit at all, and is shy/Sunday is day to sleep, respectively) they won't commit themselves to action. We'll see. We also had a lesson with a part-member family, the mom is not LDS and the dad told us to ask her to be taught by us. The lesson went well but for kid craziness (they have 5 all around the same ages) and another reason we felt to ask a different time.

Thursday we had a great lesson with D. (our RC 9 year old kid) that was very good. I don't think they've been to church in a while and it had a part about the sacrament and we committed Damian to come to church and partake of the sacrament. It was good.

Friday was good - just doing what we can to help the Hunts. J. is struggling with w.o.w. issues, and M. (their son) has been kind of a little bit of an attitude problem (at 4, almost 5 - so it's hard not to laugh sometimes). So we gave M. a blessing and taught him very simply about the plan of salvation. What a wonderful thing it is that we have a knowledge of this plan! It is so vital and so sweet.

Well I (and especially my companion) are out of time on the computer.

I am so grateful for this mission experience. I love you all soo much - just follow what is right even if it isn't advantageous for you, follow the Spirit of God and you will be led aright.

Elder Hoopes

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