Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Alec: March 18, 2010

Hello everyone

We got here at 9:00 am to the library so I guess it is before home has gotten a chance to write me.

Last week was a good week - on Thursday we had a meeting with Sh. and J. That went well again, they are really latching back on to the gospel. I don't remember very many cool stories in general - last week was just a hard-working-all-the-time week.

Yesterday was neat - had our Zone development meeting. The good part was having an interview with President Bassett. It will be sad when he and Sister Bassett leave, that is for sure.

All of our hard work has paid off - we were able to get two new investigators last week, D., the 9 year old who is pretty much all set for his interview and baptism. Then we also picked up a former investigator the previous missionaries dropped - F., and his LA girlfriend, N. They are very willing to meet with us so we'll see (tonight actually) how much they're willing to progress.

I'm kind of excited - we'll be meeting with the A.s for lunch today - that's the couple J. and R. in West Mesa that got baptized right after I left for Heber. Elder Morgan and I and many others will be going to lunch - it'll be good to see them again.

Continuous revelation is so important. We are here on earth separated from God who is the source of all truth and light - we need daily personal revelation as to the choices we should make and also prophetic revelation to guide us in principles of doctrine and eternal truth. Those are understandings that most people in the world just aren't aware of - there is so much we have been given that the world desperately needs, even if some deny at times that they do need it. Never forget to stop and to ponder, and especially, to listen. Love you all and wish you the best.

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