Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Alec: May 11, 2010

May 11 Hey,

This will be a shorter one most likely because I just talked to you'all on Sunday. I wasn't super talkative I do know - partially because we woke up at 5:40 to be able to make it to mission prep in the morning and we had been in church for a long time. You get kinda tired, but it was good to hear everyone just for a little while.

Just a few things to mention - Elder Hadley and I are both excited about this thing that we are doing - I might have mentioned it, I got the idea in Heber - to make some special pass-along cards of our own. Mine is on President Monson/a living prophet - Elder Hadley's is on temples. We've got a member here working on getting them made for us, so we'll see how that goes.

Monday was a great day - we got to talk to a lot of people. Something not cool was the fact that D. & T. weren't home for our set up lesson with them, they're the couple we taught last week. But we'll catch them later. Later that night though we did have a lesson with this not-active convert named Jim. He's a funny guy, and has been working at this T-shirt thing at a swap meet on weekends, so he has not been to church in a long time. But at the end of this lesson with him he announced he stopped that job and will be coming to church this Sunday! We were both very excited, because he really really needs it (we all do but you know what I am saying).

At this point we'll just have to see who are the pure in heart and ready to accept the gospel - especially that they'll be willing to come to church.

This is God's work, and we're excited to step it up a notch and endure (triumph) to the end.

Elder A. Hoopes

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