Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Alec: March 22, 2010

Elder Hoopes
Hello from Redmountain MCC computer lab. (We usually go to the library but this was closer today.) Transfer news - Elder Hadley and I both staying - the only one in our district leaving actually is one of our zone leaders.

Sounds good, Mom, I'll talk to the new mission president when he comes in - it's really his call. (Alec’s release date is 1 week after BYU starts, so in July his new Mission President has to decide whether he should be released a few days early)

I don't have my old planner with me so I cannot remember everything that happened last week. It was an alright week - didn't really have many teaching opportunities. We did go to the visitors center with S. - she is great. She loved the Joseph Smith movie, of course. Needed lots of tissues.

We also stopped by J.’s (the not-active couple we've been teaching) and talked for a bit. S. (his wife) used to work every other Sunday at a haircutting place but J. told us that Saturday that she changed her work schedule so that she won't have to work Sundays anymore. As he put it, "Didn't you know she's all in? She's going the whole way..." (that's basically what he said jokingly) Their 4 year old son, M., is already loving Primary and telling them what he learns about and saying prayers at home. It's neat how fast they are coming back. I would consider them active members now - they just need some callings.

N. and F. are broken up now, and so we won't be teaching him anymore (she is not an active member who was mostly the one who wanted us to come by) but she does have a friend, A., who said she's thought about coming to a church. I think she hasn't had an attraction to any specific religion, but I think it's a good idea when you're looking for a church to start out investigating the Lord's true church and fulness of the gospel first. Saves time... we'll see how it goes.

It is still a little frustrating because we just don't have a teaching pool really - the ones in it are at a standstill on account of health or out of town or just no regular visits. We really haven't been having many investigator lessons, but as we prove to the Lord we want to find and we want to teach with the Spirit we'll get some. It has been difficult though - because I feel like I've been pulling most of the wagon with our two-animal yoke. It's not been all the time, there were a couple weeks last transfer where I wasn't having the best day and my companion made up for what % I couldn't give. But lately I think it's been me doing most of the laboring and striving. But it is ok.

I love the fact that we have so much given to us in that we have the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve and 70's and on down the line. I was thinking about me being the engine here and all my work was just spinning our wheels, but I was reminded of something President Eyring stated in his book, Because He First Loved Us. It really helped me to not worry and keep going, brought a warm happy spirit into my heart that relieved all of the stress and mental exhaustion. I can't wait until general conference. The Easter Pageant is coming up (starts tomorrow) but I can't help but to look past it in excitement for listening to prophets, seers, and revelators. (should those all be capitalized...?) They are called by God and given His Authority.

love you all,

Elder Hoopes

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