Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Alec: December 31, 2009

Hello from Heber,

Christmas is just great, isn't it? It was good to get to talk to the whole family (technology helps so much) and hear your voices and personalities.

A.'s baptism went very well. The pipes at the church broke Friday night and so we were worried we'd have to run out to Taylor for her baptism but they had it all fixed by Saturday morning. It was a very spiritual thing and we had quite a few people there - the Relief Society room was bursting at the seams. People had to bring in at least two more rows of chairs to try and fit everybody. So she felt supported, especially by the Spirit that was there.

Saturday night (just after the baptism) I got the call that I was going to be the new district leader. We'll have to see how I do with the added responsibility. We might have district meeting in Heber one time and make the Snowflake and Taylor elders make the 30 min drive for once! hehe that would be just great.

Sunday we had a lesson over at L. and R.'s. It went well - L. was very frustrated (partially because she was unable to attend church) but you could tell the Spirit helped her and she was feeling alright after the lesson. They set a date for her baptism for the 28th of January. Elder Moore and I think it's a little to far away but we'll keep talking with them about it. They are just great, they've been showing so much faith and repentance that it have been very neat to see their priorities shift to what really is important. This is such a wonderful church, and that is because it is the living Christ's church, still run by someone with omniscience and is all loving and patient.

I love you all, hope you have a great week,

Elder Hoopes

p.s. Mom I got the package - thanks!! I'll be sending back the leather quad.

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