Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Alec: February 1, 2010

Hello from Heber Arizona!!!
(for possibly the last time)

Life is good. (ha - in my last area we had a WML who would say that all the time. He would also say "That's/it's more fun than recess!")
The reason for the above comment is because we learn transfer news this Saturday night. I have been here for 4 transfers (5 1/2 months) and with Elder Moore here for 3 transfers. So it is pretty much guaranteed. Wow, guaranteed is a weird word - it looks like the name of some type of jungle plant that you put in smoothies. So anyways, there will be something happening. It is more likely me leaving but considering I was just made district leader up here. I could see myself staying another one while Elder Moore gets the boot. Enough prophesying...

Thanks for the emails - that is so crazy that Ben's bishop is moving two states distance and landing right in 5th ward.

J. and H. Hoopes? Well they are still in our teaching pool but they have not really kept any commitments regularly at all (came to church 3 times since we first started teaching them in October, for example) and so we have one last lesson (with content we think might help) we have planned to teach them but unless something happens we'll probably drop them as investigators. But his brother is a very active member now and he's got his awesome missionary-oriented grandparents, so they'll never be forgotten - and H. will get baptized sooner or later.

Well last Wednesday went very well - after the District Leader counsel in Snowflake we taught a few lessons back in Heber - including a suprise one at the member's house that we ate dinner at.

Thursday was a good day - we taught one lesson before dinner with D., this 8 1/2 year old son of a less-active. We had our Book of Mormon class - it went well, we had 9 people come this time - and it went pretty well. L. came and enjoyed it. Speaking of L., we had a lesson on Friday with her and set a new date, February 20th, for her baptism. That might change because the church will be busy on that day, but it will be thereabouts. She is great and doing so well despite having troubles trying to get R. more involved and dedicated at the moment.

Saturday I went on an exchange with the Taylor Elders. We have 4 companionships in the district: Us (Heber Elders), the Snowflake Elders (or rather now the Bellybutton Elders - look it up on a map, it's the little stretch in between Taylor and Snowflake. They live in Bellybutton now, so we affectionately refer to them by that), the Snowflake Zone Leaders, and the Taylor Elders.
I went with one Elder and it was a great day. This certain Elder has been struggling and I really wanted to help him to have a good mission. We went out with faith and I know increased my faith in the Savior and in his purpose for placing us where we are - I hope he did as well.

Monday was a great great day - we accomplished so much because of the Lord's gift of faith to us and the things he blessed us with. We were able to teach all three scheduled lessons for the night - including with K., this 8 year old son of a less-active who is turning 9 on Feb 11. It was going to be a child-of-record baptism, but the baptism date the family will be able to attend is on his birthday, and so it will go through us.

Then we taught a nice guy named John. The lesson went well and he committed to read, pray and also be at church on Sunday - finally another promising investigator in 2nd ward.

This really is Christ's church, I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God - and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet as well.

Elder Hoopes

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