Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Alec: January 18, 2010


Some new things happening for us here. I think in a couple weeks the ldsmail will be changing - I just set up an account in the new one. Next week still send to alec.b.hoopes.AMM but after that it might be (I'll tell you next week) elderabhoopes. It's a little shorter :)
We've also got the first bit of what is supposed to be some big blizzards down here. We got 1 inch last night but apparently by the end of the week we should have 3 feet or so. Friday is supposed to be the bad blizzard day. Elder Moore and I are hopeful, we think that would be neat - and it would be the most snow I've seen somewhere where I lived! in Arizona! Who would've guessed.

Last week we did our first Book of Mormon class on Thursday night. It happened to also be the same time as a stake "New Beginnings" young women activity so that took 2 of our WMLs out of the picture and 2 ward missionaries. We only had 3 people show up but it actually went very well, the Spirit was there and those 3 really enjoyed it. We've gotten lots of promises to be there this Thursday and I think it was announced thoroughly in all of our 3 sacrament meetings. Pray for us and it to be a good activity!

We gave a talk in 3rd ward on Sunday. It went very well. We have now officially given a talk in all of our wards/branch that we cover in this area. That is a first for me as well as Elder Moore. I've given as many talks up here in Heber as I have the rest of my mission.

Yesterday went pretty well - we had a lesson with this new couple we found last week or so, Jack and Misti. The lesson went well - they were interested in listening to our message, and the Spirit was most definitely there. We'll follow up later in the week and teach them again next week.

We've got a booked night - a lesson with T. and D. later at 8, hopefully we can help them understand that they want this gospel in their lives for their family.

The field is white, even when it is not snowing. I love this work, and it is work! (Pres. Ezra T. Benson) I love sharing this wonderful message because not only does it bring peace and joy to those who hearken to it, but also because just the living and sharing of it brings immense joy and spiritual satisfaction. What is even more wonderful is that those blessings are open to all who have a humble heart and are willing to sacrifice pride and anything else that would keep them from happiness. We don't need to be wealthy, famous, handsome, educated, talented, or intellectual. The Lord has told all to come unto him (3 Nephi 18:25). Love you all,

Elder A. Hoopes

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