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From Alec: January 25, 2010

Hello from Heber,

You might notice this is from a different email address - they have switched all missionaries (at least in our mission) over to a new google account, so my new email address is


though I believe if sent to my old one it will still get here.

Thank you for the emails - poor cousin Danna; 10+ lbs newborn! I think she will get some extra blessings for having to go through that.
Thanks for telling me, Dad, about Hilde. Through email or anything else I think it would be the same for me. It was funny though - I started to tear-up/cry here in the Snowflake Library. Good thing I was next to a wall that I could hide it a little bit. I never expected a dog's passing to effect me like that at all - but we all did love her. I'm not upset at all, so don't worry in the least. What you said about our knowledge of God's plan is verily true. (that might be a redundant statement there at the end...hehe).

The Lord is still with us here in northern Arizona. This morning we attended a session at the Snowflake Temple. Always good, I've been looking forward to it for a little while now.

Tuesday night we had 3 lessons set and they all fell through... such is the life of a missionary at times.

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Caywood in Snowflake. It was very good, we taught a few lessons, including one to this young family (dad = LA member) with the cutest little blonde girl of about 3. I love teaching families - you feel so much love for them and a desire to bless their lives with the restored gospel.

Thursday we got lots of snow, it was neat! we helped a WML shovel his driveway and then they fed us lunch. We still trudged through a couple feet of snow to get to one lesson, and taught our Book of Mormon class (3 attendees once again - different ones though, we weren't too surprised, the weather the way it was many were snowed in) and that had the Spirit there again.

Friday was very fun - did some good work, including driving through 2 1/2 foot of untouched snow to get to a house to teach an investigator. To protect the plastic on the front of our truck we backed it and I sat in the truck bed and directed Elder Moore for 30 feet or so, it was fun (and safe. Don't worry, we were going like 2 mph). Needless to say they were surprised to see us there!

Saturday was an amazing day - we talked to alot of people, and we might have some new golden investigators in the future.

M. made it to church with S. - that was good to see. R. was sleeping and L. didn't think to call us so they missed church. We're hoping to meet with them again this week.

Monday I had Elder Jenkins come to Heber to be on an exchange with me - it was a very good day, we worked hard, and I learned quite a bit.

Well, time slips by like a pig covered in butter (that is, fast and hard to catch. I know that thanks to Eagle Pioneer Day at Lonesome Dove Ranch). Nicole mentioned that phenomenon in her email, and I have been meditating on that quite a bit recently, as my mission really is in the autumn stages. Time is one of our most precious resources that we have been given from our Father in Heaven. We don't always have choices about our situations, but as a wise Gandalf once said, "...all that you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you". It is especially important when we think about how our lives, and especially our eternity, are dependent upon what we choose to do with our time. Elder Eyring advised that we 'invest' our time, instead of 'spend' or 'waste' it. That is something I still have to work on and could possibly be a struggle when I get home. However, let us all 'invest' in that which will grow and flourish: our families rooted in this gospel - and this gospel itself.

Love you all, hope you have a great week,

Elder Hoopes

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