Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Alec: March 2, 2010

Hello everyone!
You can probably tell from my title I did some hiking today. Elder Hadley and I went with a couple guys from a ward here and climbed part of the Superstition Mountains - we went to the top of FlatIron, pretty near close to the top on the face that faces the Phoenix Valley. It was very cool and fun, tell you what though, I'm tired. Especially because I have had a scratchy throat for a few days. It was pretty sweet nonetheless.

Last week was an ok one - We got pretty close to our limit on miles and so Thursday after weekly planning we just headed out with our bikes. We were exhausted at the end of that day - and it went alright.

On Saturday S. got baptized! It was great - very hectic because the baptismal coordinators called us on Friday needing us to find talks and prayers for the service (assign them - we couldn't do them). And S. was late, and by that I mean she showed up just before the service was supposed to start. But besides all that, the Spirit was there and it went very well. Oh yeah and she had to get dunked twice, that was a little humorous.

Outside of a cancelled appointment there were some young girls kicking a soccerball around and so I joined in a little. They thought I was pretty good because I could kick the ball pretty high/well and do a couple tricks. I will definitely be trying out for BYU one last time at least when I get home. Which reminds me - Jon stated a pretty good point, I'll most likely get off a little early to make the semester - my mission president will probably want me to make the 'cut'.

Yesterday was very neat - we decided to take Sister Bassett's challenge from zone conference about contacting former investigators, to find (this was a promise) someone who is ready to be taught and ready to be baptized. So we contacted lots yesterday. It wore me out and we went like 100 miles in our car (whew!) but we have three potentials and one that was a bit of a miracle (we'll see if they're the ones). I was with an elder who is just about to go on his mission doing splits and he needed to be home pretty soon. So we got a couple names to go by in this apartment complex and saw two people close by walking two dogs. We went and talked with them and they turned out to be this couple who are former investigators (I recognized the name; we couldn't find their apartment earlier). We ended up talking with them for a while and they were totally ok with us teaching them again. It was then time to take the elder home and so we didn't even end up contacting the people we were planning on contacting. It seemed pretty miraculous - many pages of formers and 42 TTI's later we might have found them. I'm excited about that.

Love you all and hope you have a great week - hopefully everything goes alright with Nicole and Audrey.

Elder Hoopes

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