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From Alec: February 23, 2010

Hello everybody,

Thanks for all of the emails, and the Valentine’s Day package, Mom. I'm tired so this should be a shorter email - we played 3 V 4 soccer (a little basketball too) and I was on the 3 team so we ran quite a bit. Rachel is going to BYU-I do! hehe that's a nickname some give it. That should be great though - you'll probably see lots of people you know from school and EFY. (you went to EFY right?)

About my schooling - that sounds like I would miss two weeks basically, because I think I leave the mission sometime Tuesday, September 7th in the late afternoon. I was planning on spending the rest of the week with the fam in Idaho. This all sounds very rushed - ask Jon about how feasible this all would be. I think the first (maybe two) weeks you can still change classes but I don't want to miss a ton. That would be not cool to barely miss it and not know what to do with myself for a whole semester too. If I do go I'll room with J. Turner and the guys.

Well, it is already the third week in this transfer - going by way too fast. S. is still set for her baptism this Saturday, we are very excited for her. L., her non-member husband, came to church this Sunday even! that was neat to see - he'll also be there this next Sunday for her confirmation. Donna hasn't felt good health-wise this past while so she wasn't even able to make it to church (her second miss since November). We'll have a lesson with her later this week and set a date for her in case she does come back from a trip (she might stay and go with family) in March. Great lady, needs the blessings of Christ's gospel so much (we all do).

We also had a great fireside on Sunday night, put on by us and a ward missionary in Oasis Verde ward. It was for the youth (12-18) and many came, including the leaders and bishop (the ward missionary is the bishop's wife so he'd be in trouble if he didn't). It went very well - talked about some of the myths that most members believe about doing missionary work.

Monday we had this huge rainstorm come in. I went out to put our bikerack on our car and saw in the distance really dark stormclouds and rain. Then I heard very loud thunder coming from there as the wind was blowing quickly from that direction toward us. Within 15 minutes it came and just being out for like 5 minutes our pants got soaked (I was wearing a rain jacket though). I found this nice L.L. Bean cobalt blue rainjacket (long one) with a hood in our apartment. I'm not sure if I want to keep and use it as my one now and leave that black one... the black one is like a trenchcoat and I think I scare people sometimes with it. I'll figure it out. Gotta love Arizona monsoons.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was great. It will be sad to see President and Sister Bassett go, and unless I’m up on the reservations (or Holbrook/Winslow) in 'painted desert' zone by July I will have President Ellsworth as the new one. If I get transferred up there I will be annexed into the Farmington NM mission when it gets created.

This Church does so much for any that give it a chance - it is the same as Heb 11:6 "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."We believe that our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to diligently seek him. I've also come to realized that the church is here for all of those that want there to be one Lord, one truth and one true way to follow him. Wonderfully, that is the way it is, and we can all know through the power of the Holy ghost. Strait is the gate, and narrow is Christ's gate - and also how rewarding it is.

Elder Hoopes

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