Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Alec: March 9, 2010

Hello everyone,

Good to hear all of the news! So I've got a niece now; it is slightly weird knowing Jon and Nicole just had a daughter because I left before they got married even - for a while I had to catch myself and say "my brother's wife" (or sister-in-law - right?) instead of "my brother's fiancee". Missing both the wedding and new baby is not cool - but as I'll see them soon anyways, not too upset about it. Tell you what, home has been seeming closer and closer with getting BYU stuff ready and everything.


Today we went to the Mesa Temple (first time in a long time for me) and did initiatories and sealings instead of a session. It was very neat to do some again and to take part in sealings - that really is the end goal for the people we teach, and so we were glad to be able to do that. The Spirit of the Lord is always present in the Lord's House.

Last week was a very different week. We had no investigator lessons but worked hard - we talked to lots of people and have many more potential investigators. We talked about it and we did have a couple off weeks before where we did well but could have been a little more diligent - but nothing to warrant no investigators. We have felt good about our efforts and hard work and so we can only trust that things will improve as we work hard and follow the Spirit.

We actually saw a little of it yesterday - we taught this kid named D. whose mom is a member. He just turned 9 on Sunday the 7th, and they didn't get his baptism done and so it has become our responsibility - he should get baptized on the 27th of March. He's a great, knowledgeable kid. We've also got some good lessons set for tonight, so things are already looking promising.

Oh and an update for you, Dad, about my WML. Brother Jon Weller is a psychologist with his own practice here. He went to Michigan State for schooling (after BYU) and is actually the Arizona Missions' psychologist (all 3 of the valley ones). He also joked with me if you've ever considered coming down to Arizona because he'd like an LDS psychiatrist down here.

On Thursday we went to the visitors' center and watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie with S. and J. (and their son, M.). They are the couple that are both not active (and she has no church records anymore, and they had a daughter pass away) They all loved the movie and are all going to come to church this Sunday. We have really been able to see the peace and spirit of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ enter into their hearts. They are so open and thankful and much more bright than at first. Their little family's journey back is a beautiful miracle in itself.

It's wonderful how we're all in this together and how many people reach out with the attitude of charity, especially in this church. Everyone we saw at the temple were there in the service of others, and all over the world missionaries and saints with all sorts of callings reach out to each other and others with warm hearts and friendly hands (D&C 121:9). We can do even more, and we will - "the Lord is with us, we can do it!"

Love you all,

Elder Hoopes

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Yeah, getting the school papers is pretty depressing and trunky.